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The PlasmaCar is one of the most innovative and ideal ride-on toys for 3yrs+ kids. It features a unique design of its own, no motor required, no batteries and doesn’t need to be charged for it to used. Once all parts are assembled, kids can enjoy hours of fun and uninterrupted play. The PlasmaCar relies on forces of nature such as gravity, friction, centrifugal force and inertia to move forward and backward. Without any gear or pedals, this versatile toy-car helps kids develop the ability to focus on coordination.


About PlasmaCar

With sleek and iconic designs, the PlasmaCar features a comfy, patented seat and powerful polypropylene wheels that keep the toy moving. Kids ride the toy by placing both feet on the footrests and by turning the steering wheel left to right to move forward. The toy can be ridden in indoor rooms with ample space to allow good navigation and outdoors places such as sidewalks, smooth flat surfaces, and pathways.

This award-winning toy is quite easy to operate and can help kids develop motor, coordination, and balance skills while harnessing natural forces of gravity and centrifugal force. The PlasmaCar is an adult-friendly toy too and can support a maximum weight of 100kg (220lb). The toy moves very quietly, and the only sound you’re likely to hear is the sound of wheels while riding on a rough surface.


Key Features at a glance

-Comes in a sleek design that enables kids to enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted hours of fun.

-The toy meets all Canadian, European and USA safety standards and it’s ICTI, ASTM, CCPSA, ISO, and CPSIA certified.

-Exhilarates at top speeds of 6 mph and it’s adult-friendly (supports up to 220 lb., which means young mums and dads can demonstrate to their kids on how to ride)

-low noise operation for both outdoor and indoor use.

-Doesn’t Require batteries, power source or recharge to operate. Easily moves via mechanical or automatic operation.


Benefits of riding the PlasmaCar


Improves and enhances kids motor skills

Even though the PlasmaCar is not propelled using the feet, kids still get to learn about motor skills. Moving the steering wheel left to right helps kids build upper body strength that enhances the development of gross motor skills. They have to learn which side to lean, to gain maximum or minimum speed as well as how to prevent falling when spinning.

Helps kids learn scientific concepts at a young age

As described above, the PlasmaCar uses natures forces such as gravity and centrifugal force to move. Parents can teach their kids about these forces as they easily get to learn about them every day; they spend time with the toy.

Gets kids to play outdoor

Nowadays, most kids don’t get to enjoy the calmness and beauty that nature provides due to excessive time spent on indoor games. The PlasmaCar is a great toy that can get kids to feel excited about playing outside the house. It provides a great chance for kids to learn about the environment and also benefit from the sun vitamin D, which is another bonus.

Helps to promote Family bonding

The PlasmaCar is adult-friendly, and its designed for the whole family. Parents can use this toy to promote family bonding by spending time playing and riding together. In a family of four or five, each person can take a chance to participate in a family competition. Dad and mum can split the family to form two teams; each kid can have a turn to ride the PlasmaCar as the team cheers up and motivates everyone to go for the first place in a time-set-race. By playing together and spending fun time together, the family bond grows stronger leading to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.


Best playing surfaces for PlasmaCar

-To enjoy the best rides, parents should choose and provide convenient playing grounds for their kids. The maximum speed of the PlasmaCar is around 6 miles per hour; therefore parent should always ensure that their kids drive the toy at smooth and flat surfaces at all time since it’s quite difficult to speed up on uneven surfaces.

-The PlasmaCar can be damaged if used on rough surfaces and cracked grounds. The polypropylene wheels lose their grip when the car is driven on pavements that contain deep crevices. It’s a parent duty to ensure that the Plasma Car is always driven on smooth and favorable grounds at all times.


Driving Mechanism

-The PlasmaCar is quite different from all other electronic and flashy cars. It’s kid-friendly, and it applies the laws of physics to propel its driving mechanism. Kids driving the car do not require to apply any pressure or thrust. The car moves smoothly on its own, unlike other toys where someone else must apply lift or pressure to push the toy forward.

-To accelerate forward, kids create friction on the wheels by torqueing the steering wheel. This force helps to keep the car moving forward and at an accelerating speed of 6 mph. The driving mechanism of the PlasmaCar is quite similar to a skateboard where skaters wiggle to move the board while using the turn to brake and control speed.

-The back wheels of the PlasmaCar provide support for the car to spin normally without a pivot. This mechanism is what makes this toy so unique since it saves kids from extra pulling.


The pros and cons of PlasmaCar



-it provides safe rides for both outdoor and indoor environments.

-Not recommendable for uneven surfaces since the Polyurethane wheels wear out easily.

-Provides great learning experiences and more fun to kids.

-Cannot be driven on a wooden floor or surfaces.

-Comes in a sleek design that attracts kids and makes them envy the fun experience of it.

-Can damage weak floors.

-The toy meets and exceeds safety standards of all most countries around the world.

-It’s adaptable for adults (max 100kg) on smooth surfaces

Extras – PlasmaCar Polyurethane replacement wheels

Just like how a normal car is designed to last longer with sequential wheel replacements, the PlasmaCar can last for years with frequent replacements of the Polyurethane wheels. All parts of the PlasmaCar are built and designed to last for years, but the wheels are made of carbonated polythene plastic material that gets weaker and tears down after hundreds of hours of fun riding.

If you want your kids to enjoy, unlimited driving fun buy PlasmaCar Polyurethane replacement wheels and replace worn out wheels when necessary. Replacing the wheels after every several months ensures that your kids get to enjoy smooth and faster rides with car.


Key things to note and Emphasize from the manufacturer

Generally, the driving mechanism depends on your kids’ ability to develop intuition. The PlasmaCar requires focus and coherent concentration for the best fun experience to be received. Your kid can gently push her feet on the ground to create a head start, but the toy doesn’t require any feet movement.

After purchase, parents should give their kids ample time to learn how to move the toy. Some kids are fast learners, while others require trial and error experiences to perfect their riding skills. With time, the toy helps children to improve their thinking and learning abilities which promotes better memory growth.


Awards and recognitions

The PlasmaCar has been widely recognized as a great toy for kids, and it has received numerous awards such as

-Fat brain Toy award

-iParenting media toy award

-Top summer and Spring Kids Essential by Disney Family

-Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Toy winner (2005)

-TD monthly top toy seller (2008)

-Gold Seal Toys award (2005)

-Totally Awesome Toy Awards Seal (2016)


Final Words

If you are looking for the best toy to buy for a 3yr+ old kid, PlasmaCar is the toy to go for. Its high standard of design and safety concerns are world-widely recognized, making it an ideal toy for kids from all over the world. The numerous awards the toy has received already proves for its reputation and satisfactory demands to meet your kids play and fun needs.

Its compact and sleek designs provide good comfort to kids, enabling them to enjoy uninterrupted driving experiences. The toy natural driving mechanism allows kids to develop focus, patience, and coordination skills, hence promoting good cognitive development of the brain.

Get your PlasmaCar today at a ridiculous price and let your kids enjoy endless fun that comes with this amazing toy. Each shipment box comes with an original PlasmaCar and assembly instructions that are well explained for you to follow.

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