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KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen provides young chefs with a good opportunity to practice creative cooking as they grow old. This adorable play kitchen toy features interactive details such as ovens, microwave, appliances doors that open and close, turning knobs, freezer, removable sink and more. It’s suitable for 3yrs+ kids, and it’s large enough for multiple kids to play at once. With this toy, your kids will get to learn and explore all amenities found within a real kitchen as they play-pretend with their friends.


At a Glance

-It is specially sized for kids to enjoy fun play.

-Made of sturdy wood to provide long-lasting play.

-Suitable for 3 to 8-year-old kids.

-Requires adult assembly to bring parts together.


Features that come with KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

-Freezer, refrigerator, oven, and, microwave. All cabinet doors easily open and closes, and comes fitted with molded latch. 

-Knobs that turn and click just like a normal kitchen.

-Removable sink that can be removed for easy cleaning.

-Ample storage above and below the sink area.

-A cordless phone beside the sink.

-Nice looking pretend Ice Machine fitted on the refrigerator door.

-Comes in sturdy and smart construction design.

-Two burners on the oven that holds plate, pans, and bowls.

-Both oven and microwave come fitted with a see-through plastic window. 

-The oven drawer easily slides in and out, making it a perfect deal for making pretend baked foods. 

-The turntable inside the microwave rotates 360 degrees.

                          Product Information
Product dimensions 33”x11.7”x35.7” (inches)
Total product weight  35.6 Pounds 
Average shipping weight 38 to 39.7 Pounds
Manufacturer recommended age 3yrs+
Model Number 53208


From the manufacturer- what is included

With the study design of KidKraft Vintage Kitchen, your little chefs will enjoy pretend cooking fun for hours as they interact and play together.  

Interactive and realistic features

With plenty of doors to open and close, this toy provides kids with everything they need to discover and understand how a modern kitchen works. The cordless phone beside the sink can be used by young chefs to pretend to chat with friends or taking the next meal order. 

Inspiring and durable construction

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is structurally made of wood. Its doors come with firm clasps that keep the doors firmly closed after they have been shut. Unlike other play kitchen toys that are made of plastic, this Vintage play kitchen can last for years if maintenance and safety measures are followed by parents. As the child grows taller, the KidKraft Vintage kitchen can be mounted on an adjustable wall stand that allows your child to access everything without straining hard. 

Assembly Instructions

After purchase, the KidKraft Vintage kitchen is shipped in one package that contains all the parts of the play kitchen. Parents will have to assemble all parts by following all assembly instruction guides that come with the product. Everything is described in the user manual and well-illustrated with “Step-by-Step” instructions that are easy to follow. All the nuts and screws come in two colors to avoid confusions; the silver nuts are for interior parts while white ones are for the external parts of the play kitchen toy. The assembly process should take roughly 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete depending on the parent mechanical understanding and experience capabilities.


How to Promote and encourage Pretend Play to kids

Once you introduce the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen, your kids might not fully get attracted to it if they don’t know its purposes and how to interact with it. As a parent, you can encourage your kids to play with this amazing kitchen play toy through several polite ways that don’t impose the play-pretend idea, since forcing kids can make them lose attraction towards the toy. 


Benefits with pretend and Imaginary play

Play allows children to learn new things and acquire knowledge through observation, experiments, and discovery. There are so many sports and forms of play that can be introduced to kids to enable them understand more about life. With kitchen play toys, kids get to develop important cognitive, academic, emotional and social skills. Below are some of the top benefits of introducing your kids to pretend and imaginary play.


1. Sparks Creativity

As your child puts on the chef hat, she will start to imagine as if she is a real chef. This activity helps to create an imaginary world full of fun and excitement. As she continues to use the play kitchen tools, she will get to learn how the kitchen runs, which eventually inspire creativity and cognitive skills.

2. Enhances child’s language development

One of the greatest benefits of introducing kitchen play toys to kids is that they get to learn and develop language skills. Through pretend play, kids learn how to verbally express their opinions and ideas by telling stories to their friends. As they explain their stories, they build a vocabulary of descriptive words which helps them to develop better language expression and social communication skills.

3. Helps kids develop planning and organization skills

As kids play with the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen, they will often plan out for their scenarios and cooking schedules. They will also arrange and organize their tools in a certain way that brings their imaginary world to life. By doing these small tasks, kids get to develop creative thinking, planning, organization, and, problem-solving skills.

4. Promotes independence and self-reliance

As kids engage in pretend play activities, they create their imaginary environments and stories that different from the real-life world. They get to learn how to entertain themselves which enables them to become more independent and affects their psychology is a positive way. By playing they also find out about their likes and dislikes which teaches them how to make wise choices and independent decisions.

5. Enhances Storytelling

When kids are pretending to cook real foods, they create their own unique and magical worlds. Even when they are with their friends, they will try to demonstrate what they intend to do; this helps them to create a story in their minds. They get to learn how a story is formulated and how to describe all scenarios that are within the story. Once they are used to the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen, they find it easy to play around and interact with other friends through stories. All the storytelling techniques that they acquire while young, will help them to build great career such as screenwriter, Ad designer, and, authors, as they grow older.

6. Helps to foster leadership qualities

If you have 2 to 4 kids in your house, the KidKraft Vintage kitchen is a great toy that can help to foster leadership qualities among your kids. As they share different tools and take turns to play, there will always be that bright kid that will lead others on how to play. Parents can teach their kids on how to lead their friends on taking a different role in the play kitchen events. When one kid is in charge, the others will learn to listen and follow instructions. The kids can also switch to different leadership characters such as doctors, pilot, and, chefs among themselves to allow everyone acquire leadership skills. Children that acquire leadership skills at a young age achieve better in school and develop better careers.

7. Promotes the development of good life skills

When your kids engage in pretend play, they learn and develop very important life skills that benefit them in future. Roleplay, sharing things, and patiently taking turns, helps kids learn how to care for one another. Washing dishes and arranging kitchen items are some of the greatest activities that will help your kids learn how to be responsible, hence promoting development of good lifestyle habits.

8. Teaches social norms

Most children learn how to behave well through play. With Play Kitchen toys, kids can learn more about social norms and concepts that emerge in the real world. Pretend Play activities such as cooking teaches kids how to behave when there is a fire breakout and how to calm or lessen their anxiety when under stressful or frightening conditions.


Is it worth it?


1.Durable – The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is made of solid and sturdy wood, and unlike other plastic kitchens, its surface doesn’t chip or topple when doors are pulled. Its designed with the general appeal of a normal kitchen, so it can last for years within the family.

2. Not overly huge-comes in a perfect size, unlike other small and larger models. Too large toys look overwhelming while too smaller models can only accommodate one child.

3. beside white, there are other color options to choose.


1. Doesn’t come with accessories. Parents must buy toy utensils and play food separately.

2. No electric accessories or features- this can be both a good and a bad thing since some sounds can make play more fun but also can be annoying to some parents.

3. Not so tall- if you have a taller child, you

Final words

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is a suitable deal for kids of 3 to 8 years of age. It comes in a sturdy design that’s lovely to look and can be beautifully fitted in your real kitchen or kids’ bedroom. If you are looking for a quality play kitchen toy that looks attractive and features so many functions, KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is the best deal for your kids. The toy comes with everything your child needs to experience lots of unlimited imaginative play.

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