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Hape Happy Villa Kid’s Wooden Doll House Set with Accessories

Kids are bundles of joy. It is pretty exciting to have them around you. From a suckling to a toddler and then to a young child, isn’t it amazing to watch them grow?

During this developmental process, they need tools that will help their development in the form of toys. Toys can be such a great tool for kids. Depending on the type of toys, you can actually help your kids develop their cognitive function, sense of reasoning and imaginations. Also, you can help ignite their creativity and that is exactly what Hape Happy Villa Kid’s Wooden Doll House Set with Accessories aim at. After all, toys are not meant for only recreational purposes (fun, enjoyment) but also for educational purposes. You would not want your kids to mistake your paper works for games or post cards for card games/toys.

Hape Happy Villa Kid's Wooden Doll House Set with Accessories
Hape Happy Villa Kid’s Wooden Doll House Set with Accessories

Stop fitting your square pegs in that round hole! And if you have, it is time to get out of that by trying something different! Make your kid happier by getting them a real-life toy. With that, I’m glad to unveil the review for the best kiddies doll product of all times, Hape Happy Villa Kids Wooden Doll House Set with Accessories. Enjoy!

From recliner chairs to bunk beds for their nap needs to lunch boxes and water bottle. All through to kiddies’ cameras, now is the time to get out of the blues by trying something different.

Ever wondered why your kid’s friend or school mates can’t wait to go home? Or perhaps to stay indoors all through the day? Oops! Now, we got you thinking, yeah! That is because something else is holding their attention! Trying to wrap your head around that? Lol, you have probably exhausted all the ideas on the toys you have come across. Yeah! You are wondering, now what?!

What is Hape Happy Villa Kids Wooden Doll House all about

Hape Happy Villa Kids Doll House is a product made for kids from the age of three (3) and eight (8) It falls into the category of doll house and furniture using wood, fabric, PP, PC, POM, ABS and water paint as the main materials. It has a total of 26 pieces with its product size as follows;

Length – 18.5 inches

Width – 9.8 inches

Height – 17.3 inches.

Now, can you imagine how nice its structure would be!?

Also, with a product weight of 27lbs; you should expect something massive for a toy. The package size says a whole lot about the product hence, with a length of 18.9 inches, a width of 3.9 inches, the height of 20.9 inches coupled with a weight of 3.2 lbs., you should look forward to seeing a fantastic packaging.

What are the aims of Hapes Happy Villa Doll House ?

The aims of Hape Happy Villa Kid’s Wooden Doll House Set with Accessories is to encourage role play and imagination and also physical skills. It encourages creative play and helps them exhibit their innate talents.

It also aims at developing their motor skills: by motor skills, I mean those abilities that are learned that causes a predetermined movement outcome with maximum certainty. It involves a whole lot of practice. So it is safe to say that performance is an act of carrying out a motor skill.

What exactly is the goal of motor skills?

The main goal of motor skill is to enhance the ability to perform the skill at the rate of success and precision and to reduce the energy that is being consumed but, is required or needed for its performance. Note that, continuous practice of a specific motor skill will greatly improve your kid’s performance.

It helps in self discovery

By self-discovery, it implies that you can decipher the area in which your kid is really good at perhaps, it is home management, script writing, acting, or calculation as the case may be.

By interacting with the pieces, it reveals special story lines

Little wonder your kid soon begin to create imaginative stories all by themselves, feeling less concern about the characters involved, whether they are inanimate, or real. It is really amazing to watch those little chaps task their brains just to come up with a plot no matter how silly it might be.

Having known the aims of Hape Happy Villa Doll House, we can now discuss the product features.

Product Features

In as much as every kid want their own space, you can also set apart in a corner of their room, a place for the doll house furniture set. Bet you, nothing makes a kid happier than having a miniature of their own room right beside them, the feeling is magical! Why is this so? It is so because kids love to decorate their doll room in a nice style. This design features a bunk bed, table, and two chairs, and several toys to help keep their doll kids entertained.

Notice that every piece of any Hape Happy Villa Doll House Furniture fits together that is, your kid can pair furniture pieces of one particular doll house to another at will. Cool, yeah? That alone helps increases creativity in the form of color combination and also in merging different designs to arrive at an entirely new one that is unique.

The interior designs are everything compared to a real-life interior as they look so real. The woods used are derived from wood materials that are sustainable by the environment.

Therefore, I can boldly announce that the designers really put in a whole lot of efforts to bring their imaginations to reality as they made a well-comprehensive design. Take a minute to think about all that could possibly be in a children’s bedroom, ranging from their bunk beds, chairs, table, bed time storybooks, and a bedside lamp, yeah, everything you can imagine is in the doll house.

Notice that all pieces fit absolutely well into all other doll houses in season

What does that even mean?

When you put together all other doll house furniture sets, it opens your kid to more experience.

The finishes are nontoxic and child safe materials.

Once the child-safe paint finishes, then, solid wood construction is up for the next task by making the toy long lasting and bet, your kids will love it.

Let the packaging do the talking!

The packaging design is well laid and thought off that you could immediately award a five – star rating to the Hape Happy Villa Doll House Designers.

However, you as a parent can be all hyper about the safety of your kids while having fun during their exploration with the doll furniture. Just in case you are, then the next paragraph is for you, you might want to take a second look at it and perhaps take another read.

Do trust the efficacy that has been put in place by the designers of the doll house furniture. Trust me when I say the safety and quality control is top-notch as several tests like sharp point test, bite force test, tensile test, small parts test, chemical test, and drop test.

Just in case your kid spills stuff over the dollhouse, here is a detail on how to clean;

Always clean with a damp cloth

Cleaning the dollhouse with a dry cloth or hard material might cause damage to the dollhouse so, it is advisable to always use a damp cloth for cleaning

Avoid washing the dollhouse

There are times when you feel irritated by stains caused by a spill on the dollhouse furniture and that might want to prick you to wash it away but, hold on a sec! there are other alternatives to cleaning the dollhouse rather than washing.

Store in a dry place

Avoid placing the dollhouse furniture in a wet or damp area, this is because the furniture piece will suck up the fluid and it then begins to peel off after a little while. get a dry space instead.

Keep out of direct sunlight

It is of utmost importance to note that the dollhouse furniture should be kept away from direct sunlight or any ray of light whatsoever. It is understandable if your kid feels so elated at their toys and want to show them off to friends and so, it is your duty as a parent to keep an eye on them as well as their dollhouse toy so it does not get damaged.

I will like to draw your attention to a very important information, most dollhouses furniture usually come with a choking hazard wrapped in a tiny sac bag with an inscription label that reads warning! Choking hazard, not for children under 3 years. So, it is advisable to keep away Hape Doll House Furniture away from your under 3.

So, what are you waiting for? do not think twice before getting Hape Wooden Doll House Furniture Set with Accessories for your kids
just go get it!

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