Will You Marry Me

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Will You Marry Me

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★ Lyrics:

Will You Marry Me?

Will, will, will, will, will,
will you marry me?

Miss. Peacock, will you marry me?
I‘m an elegant peacock.
Look at my tail, the most beautiful tail.
Live happily with me. La la la la la.
I‘m in love with you!

Miss. Deer, will you marry me?
I‘m a handsome deer.
Look at my horns, the biggest horns.
I will make you smile. La la la la la.
Oh, my love!

Miss. Lioness, will you marry me?
I‘m a strong lion. Look at my mane, the greatest mane.
I will protect you. La la la la la.
Yes, yes, yes!

Happy wedding!

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