Who Was She?

★ Who Was She Lyrics:

As I was going down the walk,
So pleasant, cool, and shady;
Right in the middle of the path
I met a little lady.

I made to her my sweetest bow;
She only walked on faster.
I smiled, and said, “Good morning, ma’am!
The moment that I passed her.

She never noticed me at all;
I really felt quite slighted.
I thought, “I’ll follow you, I will,
Although I’m not invited.’

Perhaps you think me very rude;
But then, she looked so funny
From head to foot all dressed in fur,
This summer day, so sunny.

I followed her the whole way home;
Her home was in my garden,
Beneath my choicest vines and yet,
She never asked my pardon.

Nor would she speak a single word;
But I overheard a miller,
Flying down the sidewalk, say,
“There goes Miss Caterpillar!”

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