Where’s Baby John’s Suzie

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★ Where’s Baby John’s Suzie  Lyrics :

Oh where is my Suzie?
My Suzie, my Suzie?
Oh where is my Suzie?
Is it under here?
Under the carpet or
Here in my drawer
Oh, when I find my Suzie

The happier I’ll be
I‘m looking for a Suzie,
John‘s Suzie, John‘s Suzie!
The Suzie disappeared
So here we shall look!
Open the cupboards
Look in the drawers
It’s not here on the floor,
So, where could it be?

We‘re looking for the suzie
John‘s suzie, John‘s suzie
Let‘s look inside the boxes
To see where it is.
Red box or yellow box
Or yellow box or red box
Let‘s look in all the boxes
Even ones on the top

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