Where Is Your Goose?

Where Is Your Goose? Lyrics :

Susie, oh, Susie
Oh, where is your goose?
She’s stuck in her nest
And I can’t get her loose Johnny, oh, Johnny,
Oh, where is your cat?
He’s lost in the cellar
And that — is thatFreddie, oh, Freddie
Oh, where is your hog?
He got cut in pork chops
And fed to the dog Cindy, oh, Cindy
Where’s your water snake?
He’s hugged, and he’s kissed
And he’s thrown in the lakeTeddie, oh, Teddie
Oh, where is your goat?
He’s down at the pool
Where he’s learning to floatLinda, oh, Linda
Oh, where is your pig?
He’s gone to the store
To pick up a new wig

Norman, oh, Norman
Oh, where is your frog?
I bought him some sneakers
And taught him to job

Debbie, oh, Debbie
Oh, where is your fish?
Right there in the oven —
He’s baked in a dish

Steven, oh, Steven,
Oh, where is your mouse?
He’s eating Swiss cheese
In a trap in the house

Shirley, oh, Shirley
Oh, where is your duck?
He’s off at the races
And trying his luck

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