What Do You Like To Do?

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★ What Do You Like To Do? Lyrics:

I like to swim, swim, swim in the ocean.
How about the moon?
I don‘t like to swim, swim
on the moon!

I like to slide, slide, slide on the ice.
How about the grass?
I don‘t like to slide, slide
on the grass!
Oh my!

I like to pet, pet, pet a jellyfish.
How about a sea urchin?
I don‘t like to pet, pet
a sea urchin!

I like to hug, hug, hug a seahorse.
How about an octopus?
I don‘t like to hug, hug
an octopus!
Don‘t grab me anymore!

We like to sing, sing, sing in the ocean.
Me too!
We don‘t like to sing, sing
in the dark!
I can‘t see you!

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