Water World

★ Water World  Lyrics:

Let’s see an octopus
Can I see a shark
A dolphin dive or a sea lion bark
Or a killer whale
That can jump and twirl
I love the water world

Dolphins are funny
When you watch them play
They’ve got the greatest teamwork
Every day
Stand on their tails
And move so fast
Perfect timing from the first
To the last

Look at all the fishes
In the deep blue sea
Some are so tiny
Some are bigger than me
I like to watch them
As they float and fly
It almost seems like
They’re up in the sky

Repeat Chorus

Look at the sea lions do their thing
They can learn to do most everything
They’re oh so cute
When their flippers wave
For jugglin’ balls
They’re custom made

Killer whales can leap so high
Almost seems
They can touch the sky
They come back down
With a giant crash
Don’t get wet
From their mighty splash

Repeat Chorus

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