Visiting the Dentist

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★ Visiting the Dentist Lyrics:

Oh I’ve got a toothache, Ouchy, Ow,
Make it go away,
now now now
My tooth has a boo boo
what do I do?
It hurts so badly bo, hoo, hoo

You’ve got a toothache,
Oh it’s bad.
Off to the dentist,
don’t be sad
Nothing to be scared of,
you will see
Dentist are friends, they’ll fix your teeth

When we get a boo boo,
ow ow, ow
We get it fixed now now now Don’t you worry Jack, the
Dentist is nice
He’ll fix your teeth in no no time

Come hold my hand,
c’mon, let’s go
off to the dentist we should go
He will fix your teeth
so no more ouch
He’ll fix your teeth in no no time

I am the dentist,
I’ll fix your teeth
Nothing to worry
you won’t feel a thing
In my fun chair
you will go
Even little babies find that fun

Now it’s time to lay down, with my light
Open your mouth
wide, wide, wide
Everything is fine
your teeth are clean
We make a super good team

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