Triceratops Song


Triceratops Song

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★ Lyrics:

Who Am I

Oh, they are dinosaurs.
Oh, leaves on my face.
What have I here?
There‘re three horns on my face, who am I?
My name is Tri-Tri-Triceratops.
There‘re three sharp horns on my face.
Shake! Shake!

Oh, leaves on my head.
What have I here?
There‘s a crest on my head, who am I?
My name is Para-Para- Parasaurolophus.
There‘s a singing crest on my head.
Bboo! Bboo!

Wow! It‘s amazing!

Oh, leaves on my tail.
What have I here?
There‘s a club on my tail, who am I?
My name is Ank-Ank-Ankylosaurus.
There‘s a heavy club on my tail.
Swish! Swish!

Wow! Dinosaurs!

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