There Was a Little Mouse who Lived on a Hill

★ There Was a Little Mouse who Lived on a Hill Lyrics:

There was a little mouse who lived on a hill, uh-huh.
And he walked and he talked like buffalo bill, uh-huh.
One day he thought he’d take a ride, uh-huh.
With a sword & a pistol by his side, uh-huh.

He rode up to Miss Mousey’s door, uh-huh.
& he knocked & he knocked ’til his fist got sore, uh-huh.
He sat Miss Mousey on his knee, uh-huh.
& he said Miss Mousey would ya marry me, uh-huh.

Miss Mousey said I can’t do that, uh-huh.
I’ll have to ask my brother rat, uh-huh.
Now brother rat has gone to town, uh-huh.
To buy Miss Mousey a wedding gown, uh-huh.

The wedding took place in the old oak tree, uh-huh.
With the birds & the bees & the black eyed thieves, uh-huh.
The 1st to come was Mr. Snake, uh-huh.
& he wrapped his tail around the cake, uh-huh.

The 2nd to come was Mrs. Chick, uh-huh.
& she ate so much that she got sick, uh-huh.
The 3rd to come was Dr. Fly, uh-huh.
& he said Mrs. Chicky you’ll surely die, uh-huh.

They had 6 kids that looked like brats, uh-huh.
Some tall, some short, some skinny, some fat, uh-huh.
That’s all there is there ain’t no more, uh-huh.
If I told you more you might get sore, uh-huh, uh-huh uh-huh.

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