The Wild Colonial Boy

★ The Wild Colonial Boy Lyrics:

It’s of a wild colonial boy,
Jack Doolan was his name
Of poor but honest parents
He was born in Castlemaine
He was his father’s only hope
His mother’s pride and joy
And so dearly did the parents love
Their wild colonial boy.

Then come along my hearties
And we’ll roam the mountains high
Together we will plunder
Together we will die.
We’ll wander o’er the valleys
And we’ll gallop over plains
And we’ll scorn to live in
Slavery bound down in iron chains.

Twas in eighteen hundred and sixty five
He started his wild career
With a heart that had no danger
No foeman did he fear
He stuck up the Royal Mail beach coach
Aand robbed Judge MacEvoy
With a tremble hand gave up the gold
To the wild colonial boy.

As John rode out one morning
And riding slowly on
When listening to the little birds
They sweetly sang their song
He spied three mounted troopers,
Kelly, Davis and Fitzroy,
All riding up to capture
The wild colonial boy.

Surrender now Jack Doolan
You see there’s three to one
Surrender in the Queen’s name
It’s of a victory won
He fired at trooper Kelly
And he brought him to the ground
And returning right to Davis
He received a mortal wound.

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