The Rhyme of The Chivalrous Shark

★ The Rhyme of The Chivalrous Shark Lyrics:

Most chivalrous fish of the ocean
To ladies forbearing and mild,
Though his record be dark,
Is the man-eating shark,
Who will eat neither woman nor child.

He dines upon seamen and skippers,
And tourists his hunger assuage,
And a fresh cabin boy
Will inspire him with joy
If he’s past the maturity age.

A doctor, a lawyer, a preacher,
He’ll gobble one any fine day,
But the ladies, God bless ’em,
He’ll only address ’em
Politely and go on his way.

I can readily cite you an instance
Where a lovely young lady of Breem,
Who was tender and sweet,
And delicious to eat,
Fell into the bay with a scream.

She struggled and flounced in the water,
And signaled in vain for her bar,
And she’d surely been drowned
If she hadn’t been found
By a chivalrous man-eating shark.

He bowed in a manner most polished,
Thus soothing her impulses wild;
“Don’t be frightened,” he said,
“I’ve been properly bred
And will eat neither woman nor child.”

Then he proffered his fin and she took it –
Such gallantry none can dispute –
While the passengers cheered
As the vessel they neared
And a broadside was fired in salute.

And they soon stood alongside the vessel,
When a life-saving dingy was lowered
With the pick of the crew,
And her relatives too,
And the mate and the skipper aboard.

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