The Idler and The Worker

★ The Idler and The Worker Lyrics:

A ladybug sat in a rose’s heart,
And smiled with lofty scorn
As she saw a plain-dressed ant go by
With a heavy grain of corn.

So she drew her curtains of damask around,
Adjusted her silken vest
And glanced in her mirror – a drop of dew
That lay in the rose’s breast.

Then she laughed so loud that the ant looked
And seeing her haughty face,
Took no more notice, but travelled along
At her usual industrious pace.

But a sudden wind of autumn came,
And rudely swept the ground,
And down the rose with the ladybug bent
And scattered its petals around.

Then the houseless lady was much amazed,
For she knew not where to go,
Since cold November’s surly blast
Had brought both rain and snow.

Her wings were wet and her feet were cold,
And she thought of the ant’s warm cell;
And what she did in the wintry storm,
I’m sure I cannot tell.

But the careful ant was in her nest
With her little ones by her side.
She taught them all, like herself, to toil,
Not mind the sneer of pride.

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