The Fairy Messenger

★ The Fairy Messenger Lyrics:

O little, flashing firefly,
Flitter, flutter, guide me by,
Past the horned owl so grim,
Past the shadows, wavering dim.

Lead me, by your tiny light,
Down the hill and through the night,
O’er the wall, until we come
To the mystic, fairy home.

Elves and fairies hurry here,
Guided by the lights so clear.
From the shadows comes the queen,
Sparkling in her satin green.

All the fireflies form a row,
Swaying, swinging, to and fro;
With the frogs, the cricket choir
Lift their voices, soaring higher.

Loved and honored, just and fair,
Queen of fairies, follow there,
Torches light her mossy way.
Dance along, O sprites so gay.

Thus they dance the long night through,
Till the moon is pale in hue,
Till the fireflies’ torches wane,
And the owls wing home again.

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