The Cheated Mosquitoes

★ The Cheated Mosquitoes Lyrics:

Little Gold Locks has gone to bed,
Kisses are given and prayers are said.
Mamma says, as she turns out the light,
“Mosquitoes won’t bite my child to-night.
They will try to come in, but won’t know how,
For the nets are in the windows now.”

First Mosquito:
That is the window where we go in!
Second Mosquito:
Is little girl Gold Locks fat or thin?
Third Mosquito:
O, plump as the plumpest dairy mouse!
Fourth Mosquito:
And the sweetest morsel in the house.
Fifth Mosquito:
Hurry, I pray, and lead the way!
Sixth Mosquito:
I haven’t had a bite to-day!

First Mosquito:
What have I flown against now I wonder?
Second Mosquito:
There’s something across here, let’s crawl under!
Third Mosquito:
These bars are as large as my body is!
Fourth Mosquito:
I’ve broken the point of my bill on this!
Fifth Mosquito:
I’m slim, perhaps I can crawl through!Sixth Mosquito:
Oh! what shall I do? Oh! What shall I do?

Oh! what shall we do? Oh! what shall we do?

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