St. Basil

★ St. Basil Lyrics:

Saint Basil comes and passes by,
And scorns us for no reason why;
He comes from Caesarea town.
Mistress* bring us something down.

He carries pen and paper white,
And sugar candies sweet and bright;
He brings his pen and ink for writing.
You should see me in the fighting!

The pen, it wrote and scribbled down;
He told our fortunes with a frown.
And then the paper spoke a trifle;
Yes, we swear by our gold rifle:

“A new month’s eve, a New Year’s Eve,
Sweet rosemary, I beg your leave;
Joy be your lot the whole year round,
May your house be holy ground.

“The new year follows on Christ’s birth:
So holy Christ who walks the earth
May bless you, every girl and boy,
And fill all good hearts with joy.”

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