Spooky Jack-o’Lantern Man

★Spooky Jack-o’Lantern Man Lyrics:

Once a little pumpkin
Shook his little head.
“Now,” said he, “I’m going to scare
Some children in their beds!
Watch me put some scary teeth
In my pumpkin head!
Watch the children with a scream
Jump out of their beds!”So the little pumpkin
Cut some scary teeth!
To the window then he crept,
And crouched down underneath.
How his eyes were glowing bright,
With an eerie flame!
‘Spooky Jack-o’Lantern Man,’
Then became his name.As those children dreamed of
Tricks and treats in store,
Spooky Jack-o’Lantern Man
Came knocking at their door!
Out of bed the children jumped,
Screaming as they ran,
“Spooky Jack-o’Lantern Man,
Catch us if you can!”

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