Skating Together is Fun

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★ Skating Together is Fun Lyrics:

Let’s go skating on the ice together
Helmets on and we’ll be safe together
I love to skate Yeah! It’s so much fun
Let’s skate together and have some fun!

We march on the ice, we march on the ice together
One foot at a time we march on the ice together
You’ve got it Baby John, yeah that’s the way
Keep going Baby John and we’ll skate all day!

Zooming around the skating rink together
It’s so much fun at the skating rink together
Soon you’ll be skating, all on your own
You’ll skate like me, you will skate all on your own!

Spin, spin, spin like a ballerina hey look at me
It’s so much fun to skate and spin just look at me
We skate together, it’s so much fun
Skating together is fun, fun fun!

That’s the way, yes that’s the way you’ve got it
You’re doing great you’re skating yeah you’ve got it
Look at me skating… It’s so much fun
I am skating on the ice and it’s amazing!

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