★ Shapes Lyrics:

I am Suzy Circle,
I’m happy as can be,
I go round and round,
Can you draw me?

Sammy Square is my name,
My four sides are just the same,
Turn me around, I don’t care,
I’m always the same,
I’m Sammy Square,

I am Ollie Oval,
A football shape is mine,
Some people think I’m an egg
But I think I look fine!

I’m Tommy Triangle,
Look at me!
Count my sides,
One, Two, Three.

Ricky Rectangle is my name,
My four sides are not the same,
Two are short and two are long,
Count my sides, come right along.

I am Danny Diamond,
I am like a kite,
But I’m really just a square,
Who’s corners are pulled tight.

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