Pretty Mermaid

β˜… Pretty Mermaid Lyrics:

Pretty mermaid of the sea,
Won’t you come up and play with me?
I cannot come down where you dwell,
I cannot hold my breath that well.

We cannot wade there on the beach,
You’d be offshore and out of reach,
I do so wish you were my pal,
Are you more a fish, or little gal?

I’d like to have you as my playmate,
On the beach we cannot roller skate,
We could build sand castles on the sand,
You don’t need legs if you do not stand.

Do you know a game we could play?
I cannot go down where you stay,
Oh, won’t you tell if me if you can,
A fun type game we may plan.

We cannot play a game of tag,
Without feet, your run would drag,
You cannot even jump a rope,
I will not say to, I’d be a dope.

When the sun is gone and there’s no light.
Where do you slumber in the night?
The waves grow high and crash the shore,
We cannot play here any more.

My mother’s calling me to eat,
I must go now, you are so neat,
Does your mother know that you are here?
Do you live far or very near?

We’ll meet again, it is a date,
I must go now, it’s getting late,
Good bye mermaid, my special friend,
I’m waking up, this dream does end.

My, how lovely you do look,
Just like a picture in my book,
You are pretty as a fairy’s wish,
A girl on top, tail of a fish.

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