Old Roger is Dead

★ Old Roger is Dead  Lyrics :

Old Roger is dead
And gone to his grave
(Incline head to right, rest head
on hands pressed together on right cheek)Hm, ha,
(Hands down, head erect,
nod head forward on ‘hm’, backward on ‘ha’)Gone to his grave
They planted an apple tree
Over his head
Hm, ha,
Over his head.
The apples were ripe
And ready to drop
Hm, ha
Ready to drop
There came an east wind
A-blowing them off
Hm, ha
A-blowing them off
There came an old woman
A-picking them up
Hm, ha
A-picking them up
Old Roger got up
And gave her a knock
Hm, ha
Gave her a knock
Which made the old woman
Go hippity-hop
Hm, ha

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