No No Baby

No No, Baby Wants The Big Boy Brush

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★ Lyrics:

Baby John, Baby John get up, up up
It‘s a beautiful day, it‘s time to play
Baby John, Baby John get up, up up

Yes, yes, yes I‘ll get up up up
Mommy, Daddy, get up up up
No, No, No I don‘t want to wake up
I will jump, I will jump up and down
Yes, Yes, Yes we will get up now

Baby John, Baby John brush your teeth
It‘s important to keep them clean
Mommy yes, Mommy yes, I‘ll brush my teeth
I‘ll have a healthy smile you will see

Baby John, Baby John, here‘s your brush
No, No, No I want the big boy brush
That‘s my brush, that‘s my brush over there
Yes, yes yes that is the right brush

Baby John, Baby John, it‘s time to eat
Breakfast gives you energy
Here is your banana sliced in this bowl

No, No banana, I wanted it whole
Lots of fruit, lot‘s of fruit, so pretty to see
Cup up fruit is easy to eat

Let‘s go out, let‘s go out it‘s time to play
Yes, yes, yes we‘ll have fun today

Baby John, those toys stay inside
No, no I won‘t go without my bear
I want my toys, a lot of toys to bring outside
This scooter looks fun. Do you want to ride?

Yes, yes. Yes, yes.
I‘ll go outside
It‘s a perfect day for a scooter ride

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