Night Animals

Night Animals

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When the night gets dark, here we come!
It‘s our time!

I am an owl with a unique neck.
Believe it or not.
I can turn my face upside-down.
Can you do this?
I look all around underneath the moon.
Try this!
Swoop in to catch an animal.
I‘m hungry!

I am a raccoon with a mask.
It‘s not really a mask.
I eat anything I can find.
Crunch, munch.
I live in a hole in an old tree.
Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo!
My nickname? A clever rascal.

I am a wolf, a cousin to dogs.
But I‘m stronger than dogs.
I hunt big animals with my friends.
Oh, something yummy!
I howl to talk with my friends.
Let‘s go hunt!

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