Mrs. Kitty

★ Mrs. Kitty  Lyrics:

Mrs. Kitty, sleek and fat,
With her kittens four,
Went to sleep upon the mat
By the kitchen door.
Mrs. Kitty heard a noise —
Up she jumped in glee:
“Kitties, maybe that’s a mouse!
Let’s go look and see!”
Creeping, creeping, creeping on,
Silently they stole;
But the little mouse had gone
Back into his hole.
“Well,” said Mrs. Kitty then,
“To the barn we’ll go;
We will find the swallows there
Flying to and fro.”
Mama Cat and kittens four
Tried their very best;
But the swallows flying fast
Safely reached their nest!
Home went hungry Mama cat
And her kittens four;
Found their dinner on a plate
By the kitchen door!
Mama Cat said, “Meow!” To chase
Birds and mice is fun;
But I’m glad that dinner plates can
Neither fly nor run! Yummm!
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