Monsters In The Dark

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★ Monsters In The Dark Lyrics:

Now we are alone,
All alone in the dark
What’s that shadow? What could it be?
It looks like a monster to me

Let’s check and see
Where is it coming from?
It must be a monster, I’m afraid
Phew! It was just in our heads

Once upon a time
there was a big/scary wolf
howling so loud and its eyes so bright
No one came out at night.

Look it’s dark outside,
we’re alone in the dark.
What’s that noise, behind the door?
Now I can’t see anymore

Oh no, who’s there?
Do you see what I see?
It’s so creepy! I’m so scared
We hide all and then we all wait

There it was again
I need to go and check
Let’s be brave, let’s find out
Phew, just a bush outside

Oh I am so scared
Let’s stay here and wait
No, no go, stay with us
it’s so scary out there

There it was again
What’s behind that door?
Just a toy car/ shining at night
No need to be afraid

Something just moved!
It’s getting closer to us
it’s so scary, I’m so scared
I’m sure it’s not in my head

What was that noise?
Looks like a branch to me
It’s not a monster, just a tree
No need to be afraid

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