Mister Hedgehog

★ Mister Hedgehog Lyrics:

At the bottom of my garden,
Hid beneath a holly bush,
Lives a sleepy little hedgehog,
He’s sleeping, so please shush!

He’s been on an adventure,
He’s crossed the busy road,
Waddled through my garden,
And said “Hello” to Mrs. Gnome.

He sat and watched the stars,
And said “Hello! to Mister Moon,
Mister Moon looked down upon him,
And said, “Mister Sun will be here soon!”

All the world was sleeping,
As he waddled on his way,
Through my pretty flowers,
Where Miss Mouse he likes to play.

Mister Hedgehog feeling sleepy,
It’s time to rest his tired head,
It’s time to go home now,
Time to get himself to bed.

He’s had a busy evening,
Eating all those big fat slugs,
That chew on all my flowers,
But he’s sleeping now, so shush!

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