Mattie’s Wants and Wishes

★ Mattie’s Wants & Wishes Lyrics:

“I wants a piece of talatoe,
to make my doll a dress
I doesn’t need a big piece
a yard will do I guess.
I wants to go to Grandma’s
you promised me I might”

I wants a piece of Calico
To make my doll a dress,
I doesn’t want a big piece
A yard will do I guess.

I wish you’d fred my needle
and find my fimble too,
I have such heaps of sewing
I don’t know what to do.

My Hepsie tord her apron
In tumbling down the stairs,
An’ Caesar lost his pantaloons
He needs a nuzzer pair.

My Maude must have a bonnet
She hasn’t none at all,
Fred must have a jacket
His ozzer one’s too small.

I want to go to Grandma’s
You promised me I might,
I know she’d like to see me
I wants to go tonight.

She lets me wipe the dishes
And look in Grandpa’s watch,
I wish I had a penny
To buy some butterscotch.

I need some newer mittens
I wish you’d knit me some,
My fingers almost freezes
They leak so at the fumb.

I wore them out last summer
Pullin’ George’s sled,
I wish you wouldn’t laugh so
It hurts me in the head.

I wish I had a cookie
I’m hungry as can be,
If you haven’t got a large one
You’d better bring me free.

I wish I had a piano
Won’t you buy me one to keep?
Oh dear I’m so tired,
I wants to go to sleep.

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