Lullaby Island

★ Lullaby Island Lyrics:

Have you heard of Lullaby Island?
It’s far across the sea.
Climb into your little bed
And I’ll tell the tale to thee.

Your bed is now a little boat
With blankets for your sails
Seagulls call, the moon shines bright,
We hear the song of whales.

We’re closing in, I see the shore
And lots of tiny lights.
Held by the little fairy folk
In brightly colored tights.

Remember to glance at the stars above
While your boat is tied up fast.
They sparkle and twinkle with mummy’s love
Which will forever last.

And now It’s time for some songs of sleep
Some trills while moonbeams gleam.
Welcome to lullaby island
Now you can sleep and dream.

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