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Lucy Locket

The lyrics of “Lucy Locket” date back to the 19th century England.

The rhyme shares the same tune with the famous nursery rhyme “Yankee Doodle”. It is uncertain which one of these two rhymes used first this musical line.

The first printed version of “Lucy Locket” was collected, along with other English Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales by James Orchard Halliwell around 1842. He was supposing that the characters, Lucy Locket and Kitty Fisher, were two of the Charles II courtesans. The name Lucy Locket can be found in the Beggar’ Opera by John Gay, written in 1728.

Kitty Fisher is most commonly identified with another courtesan from UK, Catherine Marie Fischer, mostly known for being painted by Joshua Reynolds. She was also the subject of various songs such as Country Dances by Thompson

Lucy Lockett might have been the waitress of a famous pub on Fleet Street, London named “Cock public House”. Dating back to 1554 the place was reopened in 1888.

★ Lucy Locket Lyrics:

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it;
Not a penny was there in it,
Only ribbon round it.

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