Let’s Plant A Tree

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★ Let’s Plant A Tree Lyrics:

Let’s plant trees with our tools
Dig, dig dig, just me and you
They’ll grow big just wait and see
With big trunks and pretty leaves.

Let’s plant trees in the ground
With our tools let’s all dig down
This is where all of our trees grow
Shooting up they go and go!

Dig a place for our trees
Make a home to grow our trees
They’ll grow up like you and me
They’ll grow big just wait and see

Trees are home to living things
Butterflies and bugs with wings
Dig dig dig and have some fun
Planting trees with everyone.

Dig dig dig along with me
Everyone is planting trees
Birds and squirrels make their homes in trees
Way up in the pretty leaves

Trees can also give us fruit
Like apples and yummy fruit
Birds fly up into the leaves
Trees are home to birds and bees.

Now it’s time to place our trees
In the ground they need to be
This is where they’ll grow and grow
Shooting up they go and go

Look we planted all our trees
We’re so proud hooray, yippee
They are still just very small
But they will become big and tall.

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