It’s Raining Again

★ It’s Raining Again Lyrics :

Chorus: Oh no it’s raining! It’s raining again!
I see it trickling down outside my window pane
And if it don’t stop soon, I think I’ll go insane
Oh no it’s raining! It’s raining again!

Oh I wish I were a King, cause then I could do anything
And the first thing I’d proclaim,
Is that there’d be no more rain
Oh no, but that’s just not the case
I’m still learning to tie my own shoelace
I’ll just sit at the window leaning on my face

Oh I wish I were a snail, or better yet, a big old whale
Cause then I could get all wet,
Without my folks getting too upset
Oh wo, I’d splash my blues away
And no kind of weather could ruin my day
But instead I’m sitting here getting old and grey

Oh I wish I weren’t so blue, all alone here with nothing to do
The cat’s scratching at the door
The dog’s doing cartwheels across the floor
How can I have any fun?
With all of those clouds there blocking the sun
So I guess I’m stuck here twiddling my thumbs

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