Horse Named Bill

★ Horse Named Bill Lyrics:

Oh, I had a horse and his name was Bill,
And when he ran he couldn’t stand still;
He ran away one day,
And also I ran with him.He ran so fast he couldn’t stop,
He ran into a barber shop,
And fell exhaustionized with his eye teeth
In the barber’s left shoulder.Oh, I went up in a balloon so big,
The people on earth they looked like a pig,
Like a mice, like a katydid,
Like fieses ”” and like fleasens.

The balloon turned up with its bottom side higher,
It fell on the wife of a country squire.
She made a noise like a dog hound,
Like steam whistle ”” and like dynamite.

Oh, what could you do in a case like that?
What could you do but stamp on your hat,
Or your toothbrush, or your grandmother,
Or anything that’s helpless?

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