Hippy Hi Hoppy

★ Hippy Hi Hoppy Lyrics:

Hippy Hi Hoppy, the big fat toad,
Greeted his friends at a turn of the road.

Said he to the snail,
“Here’s a ring for your tail
If you’ll go into town for my afternoon mail.”

Said he to the rat,
“I have talked with the cat,
And she’ll nab you so quick you won’t know where you’re at.”

Said he to the lizard,
” I’m really no wizard,
But I’ll show you a trick that will tickle your gizzard.”

Said he to the lark,
“When it gets fairly dark,
We’ll chase the mosquitoes in Peek-a-Boo park.”

Said he to the owl,
“If it were not for your scowl
I’d like you as well as most any fowl.”

Said he to the wren,
“You’re tiny, but then
I’ll marry you quick, if you’ll only say when.”

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