Going on an Airplane

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★ Going on an Airplane Lyrics :

Yes, Daddy?
Want to fly?
Yes, Daddy
Are you ready?
Yes, Daddy
So, let’s all fly.
Yes! Let’s fly!

Baby, baby?
Yes, pilot?
Ready to fly?
Yes, pilot!
Wearing seatbelt?
Yes, pilot!
This is for you!
Zoom,zoom, zoom!

Baby, baby?
Yes, brother?
Are you jumping?
No, brother
Are you sure?
Yes, sister
Play with your toy
Yay, yay, yay!

Baby, baby?
Yes, Mommy?
Are you scared?
Yes Mommy
Sippy cuppy?
Open you mouth
Yum yum yum!

Baby, baby?
Yes, Daddy?
Are you bored?
Yes, Daddy
Window, window?
Yes, Daddy
Look at the clouds
Wow, wow wow!!!

Baby, baby?
Yes, Mommy?
Wearing Seatbelt?
Yes Mommy!
Are you ready ?
Yes, Mommy!
Ready to land!
Yay yay, yay!

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