Get Along Home, Cindy

Get Along Home, Cindy Lyrics :

I wish I were an apple
A-hanging on the tree
And every time that Cindy passed
She’d take a bite o’ me

Get along home, Cindy Cindy
Get along home, Cindy Cindy
Get along home, Cindy Cindy
I’ll marry you some day.

You ought to see my Cindy
She lives away down south
She’s so sweet the honeybees
Swarm around her mouth.

She told me that she loved me
She called me Sugarplum
She drew her arms around me
I thought my time had come

She loves me in the summertime
She loves me in the fall
If she don’t love me all the time
I want no love at all.

The first time that I saw her
She was standin’ in the door,
Her shoes and stockings in her hand,
Her feet all over the floor.

My Cindy is a pretty girl
My Cindy is a peach;
She throws her arms around my neck
And hangs on like a leech.

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