Five Wooly Mammoths

★ Five Wooly Mammoths Lyrics:

Five wooly mammoths
Walking through the snow,
Looking for some food
But nothing seem to grow.
The trudging made them tired
One began to snore,
He just get napping,
So then there were four!

Four wooly mammoths
On a mountain cliff,
One had a snotty nose
But he nad no handkerchief!
That same wooly mammoth
Troubled by his knees,
An avanlanche came down
And then there were three!

Three wooly mammoths
Looking for a snack
They were playing hockey
When the ice began to crack!
They zigged and they zagged
They didn’t want to fall
But one fell right in
And then there were two!

Two wooly mammoths
Found some food to eat,
It was cold, it was soggy
It was very bittersweet.
0ne mammoth ate too fast
And made his body stink,
The other took a whiff
And now he is extinct!

One wooly mammoth
Walking through the snow,
Feelin’ pretty lonely
With none that he knows,
We started out with five
And four of them are gone,
Found a new friiend
In a mastadon!

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