First Day at Daycare

First Day at Daycare

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★  First Day at Daycare Lyrics:

Baby John it‘s time to wake up
There‘s an adventure waiting for us
I know a place where you can play
And you and your friends can have fun there all day

Baby John let‘s get you all dressed
We will have you looking your best
Put on your clothes and then your shoes
Jack and Jill will be ready soon

Baby John let‘s wash your face
Scrub it so it‘s fresh for the day
Wash with soap and don‘t miss your nose
Soon you’ll be done and then we can all go

Baby John your belly wants food
Can you hear mine rumbling too
It gives you energy all through the day
So you can run around and play

Baby John, let‘s clean up your face
The bathroom is your favorite place
At the sink we wipe you all clean
It‘s as easy as one, two three

Baby John we‘re nearly there
We‘ve cleaned you up and combed your hair
Now I‘ll pack your lunch with your favorite food
Your brother and sister can help me too.

Baby John it‘s time to go
You‘re going to have so much fun Mommy knows
Give Daddy a hug and say goodbye
But don‘t you worry you‘ll see him tonight

Baby John we‘re making our way
What an adventure you‘re having today
You‘re growing up oh you‘re such a brave boy
I‘ve never seen you so filled with joy

Baby John has had a great day
Smiling and laughing as he plays
He‘s had so much fun and he‘s made some new friends
He‘s so excited to go back again

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