Doll Dressed in Blue


Doll Dressed in Blue

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★ Lyrics:

I have a little doll dressed in blue
With her pretty shirt and her small white shoes.

I took her for a walk and she caught a chill.
She‘s tucked up in bed ‘cause she‘s feeling ill.

Early this morning the doctor said to me
Give her some syrup and then count to three.

I took her up to bed and she smiled at me,
I told her a story and she fell asleep.

Two plus two is four, four plus two is six,
Six plus two is eight, plus eight makes sixteen.

Plus eight twenty four, plus eight thirty two,
These are the numbers that I‘ve added up for you.

I know how to add and to multiply,
I‘ve done all my homework, now it‘s time to play!

Happy happy birthday to you from Cleo and Cuquin!

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