Darby Ram

★ Darby Ram Lyrics:

As I was going to Darby,
One bright and sunny day,
I saw the largest ram, sir,
That ever did eat hay.
And if you think I’m joking,
And if you think I lie,
Then you go down to Darby Town,
You’ll see the same as I.That ram had sturdy feet, sir,
He needed ’em to stand,
And ev’ry time he put one down,
It covered an acre of land.The wool upon his back, sir,
Reached clear up to the sky;
The eagles built their nests in it,
I heard the young ‘uns cry.

The horns upon his head, sir,
Reached right up to the moon;
One man climbed up ’em in January,
And didn’t come down ’til June.

That ram had one broad tooth, sir,
That held a peck of corn,
Another one, he played upon —
His built-in bugle horn.

The wool that grew upon his tail,
If you had sheared it off,
Would have made the finest tailors
A hundred yards of cloth.

The man that owned this ram, sir,
Was rich beyond compare,
But the man that sang this song, sir,
Was lyin’ as he stood there.

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