Colors All Around

? Colors All Around Lyrics:

Colors all around
Everywhere you go
Colors way up high,
Colors way down low
Colors all around
For us all to see
Make this world a brighter place
For you and me.

Look for red and shake your head
On an apple, the color is red
Now look for green and pat your knees
On a leaf, the color is green.

Look for yellow and shake like Jell-O
On a banana, the color is yellow
Now, look for brown, hop up and down
A farmerï ? ?s soil, the color is brown.


Now look for purple, turn in a circle
On a flower, the color is purple
Look for blue, tap with your shoes
In the sunny sky, the color is blue.

Look for black, jump right back
In the nighttime sky, the color is black
Look for orange and twist all over
On a pumpkin, the color is orange.


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