Clean Up Song

Clean Up Song

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The Clean up Song where Baby Eva Learns How to Tidy up her toys with her Brother Jack and Sister Peach and Learns that Cleaning up is so much fun !

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Baby Eva, Brother Jack. Let’s Clean Up.
Here you go, Here you go, Put these away in there.

Let’s Clean Up, Let’s Clean Up,All of our toys
Here you go Here you go, Put these away in there.

Sister Peach, Brother Jack, Let’s Clean Up
Cleaning up together is so much fun.

Let’s put all the blocks away, where they belong.
Clean them up, put them away, For another day.

Sister Peach, Baby Eva, Let’s Clean Up
Cleaning up together is so much fun.

Baby Eva look at this, I found your favourite toy.
It’s your colourful teddy bear, The one that you call Roy.

Brother Jack I found a car, where does this go?

Don’t you worry Sister Peach, I’ll take it ‘cos I know!

It goes in the yellow box,
The one under the stairs.
It’s got Vans, Cars and bikes
I’ll go and put it there.

Brother Jack, Sister Peach.
La la la la la
Cleaning up together is so much fun.

When we finish cleaning up,
Shall we grab some food?
I would like some biscuits
and an orange squash too.

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