Chocolate Ice Cream Song

★ Chocolate Ice Cream Song Lyrics :

My mama said if I’d be good,
She’d send me to the store
She said she’d make some gingerbread
If I would sweep the floor.

She said if I would make the bed
And dust the telephone
That she would send me out to buy
A chocolate ice cream cone.

And so I did the things she said
And then she made the gingerbread
Then I went out, just me alone
And bought a chocolate ice cream cone.

While coming back I stubbed my toe
Upon a big old stone
Now need I tell you that I dropped
My chocolate ice cream cone.

A little puppy came along
And took a great big lick
And so I hit that mean old dog
With just a little stick.

Then he bit me where I sit down
And he chased me all over town
And now I’m lost, can’t find my home
And all because of a chocolate ice cream cone.

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