Black or White, We All Are One

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★ Black or White, We All Are One Lyrics:

Black or white
Brown or gray
It doesn’t matter
when we play

Red or blue
green or yellow
They all glow – my
cute little fellow

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Both are flowers
isn’t that true?

Berries are red
A Banana is yellow
Don’t they taste nice
my little fellow?

Green or blue
Violet or orange
It’s all the same
the name of colors

Trees or flowers
Veggies or fruits
In the end
they all are one

We all are one
Under the sun
The difference is none
let’s all have fun

Let’s all be of
Different colors, though
together we form
a bright rainbow

Our eyes are two – but
The vision is one
Our hands are two – but
the work is one

Our legs are two – but
The journey is one
Our ears are two – but
that we hear is one

Black or white – we
All are human that’s right
Brown or gray – we
all are human that’s right

One in all – and
All in one
In the end – we
all have won

Black or white
Brown or gray
It’s just the same
for it’s me and you

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