Bath Time with Dad

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★ Bath Time with Dad  Lyrics :

I know a game that we can play
We‘ll use paper and we‘ll make planes
Watch me as I fold this way
We‘re making paper planes

Here we go now up in the sky
You fly your plane ,I‘ll fly mine
You make circles
I‘ll make lines
We‘re up in the clouds so high

What do you see up in the sky?
A great big ship, sailing on by
Let‘s make fleet of boats to ride
Sailing the ocean tide

Lots of boats we sail on the sea
A mighty captain you will be
Foam and soap so bubbly (bubble-LEE)
It keeps the island clean

Bath Time’s over, baby John
Wear this towel nice and warm
Come, let‘s put your PJ‘s on
Let‘s sing the bed time song

Baby John it‘s time to sleep
Off to the land where you can dream
Tomorrow you can play with me
There‘s so much more to see

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