★  Barefooting Lyrics:

Everybody get on your feet
You make me nervous
When you‘re in your seat, yeah
Take off your shoes and pat your feet
We‘re doin‘ a dance that can‘t be beat

We‘re barefootin‘
We‘re barefootin‘
We‘re barefootin‘
Oh yeah, we‘re barefootin‘

Went to a party now the other night
Long tall Sally, she was out of sight
Took off her hat and her high sneakers, too
She‘s doin‘ a dance without any shoes

She‘s barefootin‘
She‘s barefootin‘
She‘s barefootin‘
Oh yeah, she‘s barefootin‘

Hey little girl with your red dress on
I bet you can dance all night long
Take off your shoes and just throw ”˜em away
Come back and get ”˜em another day

Repeat Chorus

Now little John Henry he said to Sue
If I can barefoot, you can barefoot, too
Sue told John, you know I studied, too
I was barefootin‘ since I was two

Repeat Chorus

We‘re barefootin‘
Hey, hey, we‘re barefootin‘

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