Baby’s Visit To The Doctor

Baby’s Visit To The Doctor

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Today is a very special day
We‘re going to the doctor
The doctor takes good care of us
It‘s time for a checkup
Baby John, don‘t be afraid
The doctor will be nice
He‘ll look in your eyes and ears
We‘re going to see the doctor

Baby John, now can you say
Hello to the doctor
Sit on the table it‘s okay
When we go to the doctor
We‘ll check your eyes and ears and nose
and look inside your mouth
We‘ll listen to your heartbeat too
When we go to the doctor

Baby John, let‘s look around
The doctors things are neat
This is called a stethoscope
It‘s checks your heartbeat

We open wide, we look inside
To make sure you are healthy
Baby John you did just fine
Going to the doctor

Today is a very special day
We visited the doctor
We got a checkup
And played some games
When went to the doctor
Baby John was not afraid
He was really good
And even got a big gold star
We like going to the doctor

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