Baby John Learns How to Share

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★ Baby John Learns How to Share Lyrics:

I am driving, Baby John,
You will need to wait,
Can you show me your good manners?
I know you can do it

Baby John, it’s nice to wait,
Learn how to be patient,
Mommy will be able to help
if you can wait a bit.

Teacher sings:
Baby John, when you’re at school,
Playing with your friends,
Show us what you have learned
Show them how you share.

Baby John, it’s nice to share,
Show them how you care,
Sharing with all your friends
It shows them your good manners

Look over here at this sign,
it’s here for a reason,
always following rules,
It shows your good manners.

Friends are big and friends are small,
Friends are kind and fair,
Taking care of them is nice,
It shows them that you care.

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