Baby Dino Dino Party

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★ Baby Dino Dino Party  Lyrics :

We‘re going to have a party
And dress like dinosaurs
We‘re putting on our costumes
And we are going to ROAR!

Let‘s put on our dino heads
Then our tails and feet
And growl like scary dinosaurs
Stomping to the beat

Stomp, stomp stomp stomp
Stomp stomp stomp stomp

Help me frost the dino cake
With yellow, green and brown
We‘ll add some eyes, then some teeth
And big scales up and down

Our dinosaur looks super
But our cake needs one thing more
Do you know what‘s missing? (maybe she sings to the camera or is asking baby john)
A baby dinosaur!

Let‘s decorate the patio
And the garden too
We‘ll make a dino park
With posters and balloons

And don‘t forget the dino egg
We‘ll hang it way up high
You can watch the dino treats
Fall out of the sky

Hurry, let‘s get Bingo
I think he went this way
We‘ll dress him in a dino suit
Then we all will play

Look, I think he‘s over here
Bingo it‘s okay
You‘re big enough to dress yourself
The doggie dino way

We are hungry dinosaurs
A dino family
We swish our tails and chomp our food
With giant, pointy teeth

We have great big mouths
And we stomp around the floor
We love to have a party
And we all know how to ROAR!

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